The blindfold falls, and belief becomes conviction. Only in conviction lie liberation and redemption! I am addressing only those who are earnestly seeking. They must be able and willing to examine this objective matter objectively! Religious fanatics and unstable enthusiasts may keep aloof, for they are harmful to the Truth. The malevolent, however, and those who are not objective, shall find their sentence in the words themselves.

The Message will strike only those who still bear within themselves a spark of Truth and the yearning really to be human beings. To all of them it will also become the lamp and the staff. Without any detours it leads them out of all the chaos of the present confusion. The Word that follows does not bring a new religion, but It shall be the torch for all earnest listeners or readers with which to find the right way leading them to the longed-for Height.

Only he who bestirs himself can advance spiritually. The fool who, for this purpose, makes use of extraneous aids in the form of settled opinions, walks his path only as if on crutches, while his own healthy limbs are out of use. However, as soon as he boldly employs all the abilities slumbering within him, awaiting his call, as equipment for his ascent, he makes use of the talent entrusted to him in accordance with his Creator’s Will, and will easily overcome all obstacles trying to block his path and seeking to divert him.

Therefore, awake! The right belief lies only in conviction, and conviction comes solely through relentless weighing and examining! Stand alive in your God’s wonderful Creation!



(‘In the Light of Truth’ Grail Message)