Grail Message, In the Light of Truth

I speak only to those who are earnestly seeking. They must be able and willing to examine this matter objectively!

Foreword of the Grail Message „For Your Guidance“

The Message will strike only those who still carry a spark of Truth within themselves, and the longing really to be human.

Foreword of the Grail Message „For Your Guidance“

He who bears within himself the firm volition for what is good, and strives to lend purity to his thoughts, has already found the way to the Highest!

Lecture: What seek ye?

The person, however, who is able to think earnestly, will immediately recognize that just in the strict, uncompromising demand for attentive thinking lies the best, what mankind, already so deeply entangled in its spiritual indolence, needs for salvation!

Lecture: The call for the Helper

Every single one must experience the way to the Light within himself, he must discover it himself if he wishes to walk upon it safely. Only what a man experiences within himself, what he perceives in all its transformations, has he fully grasped!

Lecture: Awake!

Believing without comprehending is just indolence, mental laziness! This leads the spirit not upwards, but presses it down. Therefore look upward, we shall examine, shall search. The urge to do so does not lie within us for nothing.

Lecture: Awake!

I speak neither to churches and political parties, nor to orders, sects, and societies, but merely in all simplicity to man himself. Far be it from me to topple anything existing; for I build up, complete hitherto unsolved questions, which everyone must carry within himself, as soon as he thinks only a little.

Lecture: Errors

I now open for you with my Message the Book of Creation! The Message clearly shows you the Language of God in Creation, which you shall learn to understand so that you can make it completely your own.

Lecture: The Language of the Lord
The Grail Message - Abd-ru-shin